The Goal of 2021: A Comeback

5/28/21: After a near silent 2021 season, Austin Edwards has a fire in his bones to get back behind the wheel of competitive racing. 

His largest oppurtunity lies within NASA Pro Racing's Spec Miata Competition. The hope to kickstart and resume his road racing career lies in the midst of Florida this September at the historic Daytona International Speedway. 

It's an incredibly difficult challenge to accomplish. A racetrack over two thousand miles away, and a car that must be repaird, refined, transported that distance, and thrown several sets of tires and numerous cans of race fuel. 

If it can be accomplished, it could be a perfect oppurtunity for Austin to display his capabilites on the road racing circuit, and hopefully launch him to be a contender for the Teen Mazda Challenge in 2022 and 2023. 

Thanks to Mazda Motorsports, the Teen Mazda Challenge seeks out the few best young racers throughout the country, and annually provides a select few of those best drivers with massive racing scholarships to venture into the next level of motorsports. It's a perfect ladder system for young drivers to make their footprint on the world of motorsports and allow more driver's dreams to come true.

Those scholarships are the ultimate goal for Austin Edwards; and Daytona this season, is step one of that journey. 

Austin has already proved podium-capable performance in his first full season of Spec Miata Racing when mechanical failures were not present. 

If you'd like to join the restart to this driver's career and partner with an experienced public figure, reach out to 

More updates to follow in the coming months!

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