Sonoma Raceway & Another Attempt at Dirt Track Racing

9/1/20: Austin Edwards has just completed an eventful two weekends of racing, including his first ever start at Sonoma race way in Spec Miata competitioin in a strive for success in the Teen Mazda Challenge shootout. 

Edwards had an eventful time getting to the tracklate Thursday night, and keeping the car running once it had gotten there proved to be a challenge also. Many unexpected tecnical issues were thrown their way almost immediately, but by Saturday morning it had seemed that they had all been solved. 

Edwards went into qualifying that afternoon and seemed to be one of the front running cars right off the bat, but that didn't matter whether he was or not- because his transponder had failed and didn't register his lap times, so he would be forced to start at the tail end of the field- in 42nd position. 

He proceeded to make his way up to 29th in the first of three main events, despite being down on power an excruciating amount that was soon diagnosed to be a failing differential. Edwards found the only spare differential available in the paddock that night, and he along with his hard working dad and Todd stayed up until roughly 1 A.M. swapping the critical piece out. After further inspection it was found that a much worse situation could've come out of the part's failure had it not been swapped out before the next day. 

By Sunday morning, it was time to see what Edwards could gain from the 29th spot with what he thought was a car back under full power. 

The most Edwards could do in the final two main events is make his way up to the 14th position. Something within the engine was making a loud clicking sound that turned into knocking by the end of the day, so he never got the power he needed to complete a number of passes down the short straightaways of Sonoma. At the end of the day it was an incredible experience for Edwards and a number of his family and friends made it to the track both days to enjoy the fun and company of one another. 

Right after the adventure up north, Edwards made a stop a little closer to home- Victorville, for some sideways action at Wheel2wheel Raceway. 

It was only Edwards' second start in the KSR Innovatve RV Service #18 Speedway Sprint, not to mention only his second start on dirt. After getting the tire pressures a little more dialed in, Edwards was able to pull off a 2nd place finish in the heat race and a 3rd in the trophy dash.

In the main event the small little 1/8th mile turned into a slidejob city with crossovers following every move, which taught Edwards a lot on how to race side by side off the pavement- and he had an absolute blast. Unfortunatelty after running 4th for a majority of the main event, a flattened and springy LF tire caused the car to go a little out of control in the closing laps, pushing him back to 7th for the night in the 13 car field. 

In just two weeks (August 19th) Austin Edwards will be back at it in his Rocket Motorports prepared Burgeson's HVAC #18 South West Tour Truck at Irwindale Speedway, right before making his way to Madera Speedway on the 26th to wheel his Creevan racing #89 Focus Midget in the Harvest Classic. Stay tuned!



Racing schedules are still all over the place! Keep an eye on all of Austin's social media and the "competition schedule" page on this website to see the next time Edwards might be racing at a track near to you!

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